Situated on the eastern slope of Mount William, Mount William Olive Grove lies in the heart of the Macedon wine district reknown for its fine sparkling wines. The relatively cold climate for olives ensures an oil of great flavour, intensity and quality.

Each year, as did our family before us, we pick the finest olives which are then pressed and bottled on site to make a truly unique flavoured olive oil.

Mount William Olive Grove hosts over 8,000 olive trees. All our award winning extra virgin olive oils are packaged at Mount William Olive Grove with the highest regard to quality control, ensuring our olive oils are delivered to your table fresh.

Mount William Olive Oils are amongst the world's best, consistently winning awards at the prestigious Australian Olive Association National EVOO competition.

Mount William Olive Grove products include our straight Manzanillo extra virgin olive oil and a constant stock of our ever so popular signature premium extra virgin olive oil which consists of a perfectly balanced blend of Manzanillo, Frantoio and Leccino olives harvested and pressed at the grove in the midst of the Victorian Winter.

Try our delicious flavoured range of extra virgin olive oils: Blood Orange, Wild Lime, Garlic & Oregano.



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