Not all olive oils are the same quality or offer the same health benefits.

At Mount William, we are proud that our grove is chemical and pesticide free, and we press our olives immediately as they are harvested, locking in all the health benefits.

So, what are the advantages of fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil?

Unlike wine, extra virgin olive does not get better with age. Extra virgin olive oil is at its best up to 12 months after harvest. However, cold-climate oils, such as ours, tend to have a longer shelf life and hold their flavour longer due to the high levels of polyphenals.

Polyphenals are the natural antioxidants that contribute to a peppery, somewhat bitter, taste. This is what gives our cold climate extra virgin olive oil their unique flavour.

Polyphenals have a host of health benefits, including helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, which reduces the risk of coronary disease. Polyphenals also offer a number of anti-inflammatory benefits, which can be helpful with some diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and asthma.

Mount William extra virgin olive oils offer incredible flavour, as well as a host of health benefits.